Out of the Woods into the Fire

In the Name of God

The characters began again after last time in which they were able to regroup and wipe out a group of loyalists. They used the stocks of goblin fruit possessed by the loyalists to heal up, unfortunately Mr Hardy had fled with the map so they were forced to continue without him in the direction they believed was correct. They walked all day and into the night deciding to use Rictum’s night vision to carry on. They came across a clearing where they found a small girl sat by a fire crying. The party approached her and she told them that she was called Dolly and she had lost her Mother when they left the the monastery to collect food. The party camped down and decided to take her with them. Next morning they carried on and found another person purporting to be friendly going by the name of Mark. He claimed to be a hedge traveller and his Spring Mantle led the rest of the characters to trust him.

They proceeded on with Dolly getting more and more excited as she directed them towards the monastery. Eventually they came to a dark cave that Dolly said led to the Monastery. They constructed some flaming torches and headed into the dark. A sudden wind blew out the torches and they heard giggling laughter in the darkness. They lit their torches again and continued briefly. Dolly then pick pocketed the lighter that they had used and ran away, at which point the lights went out again to the sound of more giggling and running feet. The creatures fled into the darkness. Eventually by using elemental contracts the group was able to cross the cave and over the crevasse in their way coming out into the light of day again. Michele used her Ogre abilities to continue sensing her way towards the monastey. En route they ran into yet another new person. A young woman in loose fitting clothes of a monastic style stepped out in front of the group she introduced herself as Evangeline and questioned their purpose once she found that they were coming to visit the monastery she was very welcoming and took them the rest of the way.

The monastery looked run down and over grown and built on a bridge over a river in the Hedge. The group went in and met mother Maria everything seemed fairly standard until it turned out that the rest of the convent was filled with skeletons. Mark promptly went outside and began calling a flood to destroy the place whilst everyone else went and had dinner. The brief conversation they had taught them that the Wan Lamp had been stolen from the monastery by someone before Rictum “committed sin” and the monastery apparently needed to be cleansed with blood. The players let Rictum be dragged off by a group of skeletal monks but then decided they no longer wanted to go along with it. Gwyn and Riktol held off the skeletal Parishioners whilst Rictum beat down his assailants but collapsed himself after taking a beating. Evangeline fell over and started bleeding from the eyes when Mother Maria could no longer maintain her spell over her because she and Michele were fighting it out. The boots Michele had taken from the loyalist camp begun to take control of her movements jumping higher and running faster than she might otherwise but not always at her own volition. The whole scene was backlit by Mark’s storm with the waters rising and the thunder crashing. The fight ended with the bootys bouncing both Michele and Mother Maria high into the air before coming down with a sickening crack as Mother Maria’s back broke. By now the monastery was being torn apart by the weather and Evangeline, recovering led the players to a boat they could use to escape…


CullenLewis CullenLewis

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