Michele Butler


Michele has always been a follower and for most of her life she has had a leader happy for her to follow him. From the moment she could understand the concept she loved her elder brother Tom. Of course the teenage years strain sibling bonds and Tom rapidly outgrew his sister, joining the local gang in his early teens and being slowly bumped up the ranks by the time he’d turned 17. Michele was not the type to be left behind and as soon as she could she worked her hardest to follow her brother even there, becoming a vicious and merciless thug in order to prove herself worthy of her brother’s attention. He remained aloof, focussed on his own rising power within the criminal structure, but she kept nagging at his heels demanding his attention as in the old days of their childhood. Occasionally it was amusing to indulge her but every time he took time to be with her she would expect more from him.

Finally frustrated he promised her that he would take her to perform a final violent test which would allow her to move from the aimless street gang up to the more organised criminal gang that ran as a business. They stalked the empty streets at two in the morning looking for trouble; he spotted a regal lady strolling along the street as if it was a promenade on a summer’s afternoon and told Michele to beat her. Asking no questions Michele advanced, not bothering to pick a fight she simply threw a slug at the woman, who simply ignored the blow, frustrated Michele continued the fruitless assault until a single back hand slap sent her sprawling. The woman looked up at the laughing Tom and advanced on him, as he stood his ground she decided that she would take two servants for their insolence.

So that was how the siblings found themselves in Arcadia. Michele remembers that the mistress took a liking to her brother and she has not seen her since. Michele herself was kept to hunt down runaways, sometimes lying in wait and trapping them in the steel jaws of her mouth or later on chasing them down and tearing at them. She doesn’t fully remember when she resolved to escape. it had something to do with a failure on the hunt- the prey was cornered but something Michele cannot quite recall happened. From then she rebelled against the chains of Arcadia, first trying for a long time trying to break into the house to find her brother before repeated failures and hard punishments convinced her otherwise.

Breaking free into the real world in the deserted countryside Michele quickly found her way back to St. Anne’s, she immediately returned to her mother’s home only to be treated with extreme coldness and told in no uncertain terms to leave immediately (whatever her and her brother’s fetches has done in the almost a decade since Michele had left was apparently unforgivable in their mother’s eyes) somewhat frustrated Michele quickly fell into old habits, picking up with a street gang as hired muscle and intimidation- a role that provides glamour as well as just enough money to keep her off the streets. So far she’s spent a few weeks aimlessly doing pretty much what she was in Arcadia, being let off her leash to convince civvies to pay their protection money or to help move some rival gang off a contested street corner.

She’d have been happy continuing this way too, unfortunately the fey world interrupted- someone offhandedly mentioned that she bore an uncanny resemblance to a local boss, the picture was definitely Michele- sleeker, more assured looking, obviously the same age but much more well maintained. Michele immediately took a strong dislike to the woman but quickly figured out she wasn’t going to be able to do anything to her fetch alone. After some thought she decided that this might be a common problem among escaped changelings and if she could find one or two of them (she knew that changelings occasionally escaped after all) she might be able to do them enough favours to get some help with the fetch.

Michele Butler

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