Guardian of the Oak and Witch of the Bitter Wind


A more wrinkled creature you are never likely to meet. Esmerelda is shrunken like an over ripe apple and her arms are so thin as to be stick like and she is very short of stature. Her hands and feet are knobbly like a birds and her eyes have no iris or white only a glassy black. Occasionally dark feathers and autumn leave swirl away from her, particularly in high winds. Swirls of Autumn leaves spiral in her wake settling into esoteric patterns: constellations, roman numerals or other less identifiable symbols.


Title-Guardian of the Oak
Seeming Wizened
Kith Chirugeon
Court Autumn

Esmerelda is the Eldest of the Lost in the Freehold of Nottingham and one of the most respected. She Guards the Oak


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