Out of the Woods into the Fire


You are stumbling blindly, away from your keeper back towards the world you once called home. Your mind is foggy and though pieces of your past a flowing back it is so hard to remember. You can sense others with you in the mass of thorns that crowd above and their presence spurs you on knowing that they too are trying simply to go home…

The four changelings stumbled on eventually finding themselves in a large hollow across the trod where the Elderly Keeper Griselda lived. She escorted the Changelings onwards and back to Earth, through a gateway in the Major Oak in Nottingham Forest. From here they were escorted by Tavish, the Gate Keeper of the Freehold and possessed of an inexhaustible stream of words.

Once within the Freehold the new Changelings were given a bed for the night and breakfast the following morning before being “Requested” by the Court of seasons to present themselves.


CullenLewis CullenLewis

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