Nottingham Freehold

The Freehold of Nottingham has existed since the 13th Century flourishing primarily in Sherwood Forest when it was founded by the now legendary Hooded Robin. Hooded Robin was one of the first of the Lost to arrive in Sherwood, predated only by the Green man. Since then the great Sherwood Oak has been the exit of the only viable trod in Nottingham. Hooded Robin became a legend in the city of Nottingham too, the repression of the Norman Aristocracy reminding him only too well of his experiences in Arcadia. As more and more Lost came to Nottingham from Arcadia they continued to fight the repression in the nearby city. For over a decade Hooded Robin ruled as King in the Greenwood perpetually the uncatchable and dashing outlaw so often portrayed in folk lore. Summer’s power was strong then and the Fae did not come to Nottingham. But all things pass and eventually he was caught and killed by the Knights that he had harassed for so long, some say helped by Loyalist changelings, others say given a tip off by jealous rivals who desired a more seasonal based ruler ship.

Upon Hooded Robin’s death the current arrangement of seasonal courts was establised and Hooded Robin nearly universally mourned. His body was interred in the Solace glade and his relics placed in the Armouries of the Freehold where they remain to this day.

Since then it has experienced ups and downs but survived into the modern days.

The Freehold
The Freehold itself is located deep within Sherwood. Or more correctly, beneath it. In a Cavern System beneath the ground the Freehold has its Courts and seat of power as well as libraries, armories, dancing halls, pantries, cellars and private apartments. One of the msot important rooms is undoubtedly the throne rooms, whose focus is the Free Hold’s Throne situated in a large subterranean chamber large enough for the whole free hold to gather.

It is also the location of Solace Glade. The internment place of many of the Freehold’s deceased have been laid to rest. Upon each death a new name is scratched into the wall the first being Hooded Robin’s own.

The Freehold of Nottingham is presided over by the Monarch of the Seasons which changes seassonally at the Summer and Winter Solstices and Spring and Autumn Equinoxes. At these there is always a ceremony and festivity to mark the change in control. The Monarch is always the appropriate member of the Council of Seasons so from the Autumn Equinox till the Winter Solstice Lord/Lady Winter will become the Court Monarch appointing advisors and heading meetings of the council of seasons. The Monarch is able to appoint upto five court officials to aid them with the governance of the Freehold. They always appoint a Chancellor to help with the administration of the Court and to step into their place should they be indisposed. They also appoint a Quartermster in Order to check the supplies, tokens and armouries of the Freehold. The other three positions are created on the monarchs whim.

There are however, some positions which stay constant within this. Namely the Guardian of the Oak, the Castellan and the Master of the Caves. The Guardian of the Oak is Esmerelda and this position is one of great status as the Great SHerwood Oak is one of the few reliable trods in and around Nottingham. The other two positions are currently unfilled due to the recent disappearance of the Castellan Gregory Cormac and recent death (through natural causes) of Alder Whitby the master of caves.

Current Monarch of the Court:Lady Dania Russet of Autumn

Council of Seasons
Prince Spring: Karl Lovelace
Queen Summer:Alicia Freehand
Lady Autumn: Lady Dania Russet
Lord Winter: Saul Carrington

Seasonal Positions
Chancellor: Geoffrey Granitson
Quartermaster: Brandon Bailey

Permanent Positions
Master of the Caves: Unfilled
Guardian of the Oak: Esmerelda
Castellan: Unfilled

Nottingham Freehold

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