Laws of the Freehold

When becoming a member of the Freehold of Nottingham all members must swear the oath which is written below:

“By my Freedom and the memory of the Hooded Robin I swear to the Free Hold of Nottingham my loyalty to follow it’s traditions of aid and protection for my fellow Lost”

Below are a list of the notable laws of the Free Hold.

-All members of the Free Hold shall pay dues to the free hold of at least £2000 to each court during their term or an equivalent in goods and services.
-All members of the Freehold must answer the call to arms should another of the Freehold request aid
against threat supernatural or otherwise.
-The Council of Seasons and Monarch of the Court have the right to banish any Changeling who willingly or unwillingly endangers the court, free hold or motley without good recourse.
-No Court shall hold a term of office longer than the distance between a solstice and an Equinox.

Laws of the Freehold

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