House Rules

House Rules for the Campaign

  • At Character Generation the Merits: Contacts, Allies, Resources, Hollows, Retainers or Freehold Status or Improved Wyrd at Character Generation to represent the fact your characters are just returning from the Hedge. However, these merits (apart from Wyrd) will be of reduced cost for the first few weeks to allow you to build into that area quickly if you wish.
  • We’ll be using Godmachine rules for XP, Vice/Virtue and Merits.
    *Because Autumn Mantle’s bonus is actually terrible it is changed to giving a bonus to Occult Rolls in general rather than Occult Contract rolls.


  • In different people’s version of changeling changelings can’t have children. In This game they can and do, it’s just the child has something Fae about them and they can become more of a target for the Gentry.

House Rules

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