Out of the Woods into the Fire

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You are stumbling blindly, away from your keeper back towards the world you once called home. Your mind is foggy and though pieces of your past a flowing back it is so hard to remember. You can sense others with you in the mass of thorns that crowd above and their presence spurs you on knowing that they too are trying simply to go home…

The four changelings stumbled on eventually finding themselves in a large hollow across the trod where the Elderly Keeper Griselda lived. She escorted the Changelings onwards and back to Earth, through a gateway in the Major Oak in Nottingham Forest. From here they were escorted by Tavish, the Gate Keeper of the Freehold and possessed of an inexhaustible stream of words.

Once within the Freehold the new Changelings were given a bed for the night and breakfast the following morning before being “Requested” by the Court of seasons to present themselves.


The characters began the next session meeting with the Council of Seasons and Leaders of the Free Hold. Lady Dania Russet the current Lady Autumn did most of the talking as the current monarchs, introducing the other three Leaders. These were Saul Carrington (Lord Winter), Karl Lovelace (Prince Spring) and Alicia Freehand (Queen Summer). The characters had the importance of them swearing loyalty to the Free Hold impressed upon them before they were asked to do a little job of delivering some supplies to a safe house in return for accommodation.
Throughout the discussion “Kitten” Marcus appeared to make a very bad impression on various leaders by insulting several of them.

Following this they were asked to wait outside whilst the council finished there discussions. They spent some time in the refectory talking with Tegan Coldhands who explained when asked that the Free Hold had been rapidly growing in Size over the past year. In fact it has nearly doubled in population. Unfortunately this also extended to Hedgebeasts as well ass greater numbers of Briar Wolves. Shortly afterwards they were called to go and speak to Lady Dania again, this time alone. Here she informed them they would also be taking a baby with them to house opposite. The characters were a mixture of appalled and confused but agreed none the less. Despite some mishaps including “Kitten” getting drunk off of Faerie Wine and Gwyneira having no concept of how to deal with children. None the less the child was handed over “safely”.

The characters then moved into their new House, choosing bed rooms and unloading the car. Riktol noticed a note that hadn’t been there before informing them that a court representative would be around to see them in the morning. Riktol and Kitten went to the shops. Gwyneira and Mr Hardy went into the back garden. Gwyneira noticed a tree house which she climbed into. The rest of the house had appeared immaculate but the tree house appeared well worn. Inside she noticed a slat missing from the tree houses back wall where some objects appeared to be stuffed in. Mr Hardy climbed up to investigate as well.

Mr Hardy then noticed a growing hole in the back of the tree house, a spreading blackness wherever the evening sunlight touched. He indicated it to Gwyneira before pulling the objects out from the more mundane hole. The first was a crayon drawing the second was a small wooden box containing a variety of odds and ends including a book entitled “Mi Jurnel”. This appeared to be written by a little girl who had lived in the House till the 12th of September 2013. Inside were the pressings of leaves and a blood red feather whose tip dripped red. The Journal talked about how her parents had suddenly decided to move house and forbidden her to go back into the tree house.

By now the hole in the air had grown to a sizeable chunk and a white dot appeared in the middle. Mr Hardy and Gwyneira backed off quickly as Riktol and Kitten returned. After a few moments of suggesting someone else should go and poke it Riktol built up the courage to poke the hole with a branch. It pushed through the hole in the air revealing grass and plants beyond. Riktol withdrew the stick. A few moments later the light disappeared over the edge of the roof and the hole disappeared as swiftly.

The characters decided to cover over where the hole with plastic bags and retreated inside to eat and sleep. Obver dinner they discussed that day before heading to bed. That night though they had some strange dreams…


The players awoke from some strange dream. After a quick breakfast they begun experiment with using a large mirror to cast light onto the tree house where the hole had appeared the previous day. They found that if they reflected the light onto the tree house then the mirror itself became a hole and could not be moved but if the light was interrupted fully it returned to being a mirror as a loud crash attested.

Shortly thereafter they received a visit from some men they suppose were from the winter court who gave them an invitation to tea before promptly leaving. Lillian then arrived and informed them she had been “asked” to be their tutor. She explained about the powers of their contracts and how to collect glamour and took them to a nearby supermarket in order to allow them to practice on the children out for Saturday shopping. Most of the Changelings managed this well but “Kitten” started a ruckus by slamming a large tub of ice cream into a small child’s face. Things were only smoothed over by Gwyneira’s quick action.

Thereafter they returned to the house and went on a quick foray into the Hedge. They came across some large foot print’s which they followed out of the Hedge where Riktol saw a car drive off. They then tried to retrace their steps so that they could see where the foot prints came from. They followed them back to a small door set in one side of the hedge. It was only a bout a foot and a half tall. They couldn’t open it so Mr Hardy faded through and found himself in what he presumed was a hollow. Following this they all returned home leaving the game at late evening on Saturday 14th September 2012

Tea and Biscuits

In the evening Mr Hardy and Gwyneira were shown modern television, Gwyneira was entranced by it but Mr Hardy declared it Witch craft. “Kitten” disappeared to a book shop and spent most of the group’s money on a pair of books on local fairy myths and disappearances, in the process meeting the strange book shop lady, Felicity.

Next day (Sunday 15th) Lillian came round to ensure they were still okay, she promised to look into them acquiring jobs and informed them that they had been invited to court the following day to swear allegiance to the free hold.

Following this they paid a visit to Saul Carrington. As they were leaving they saw the book shop lady Felicity, pointing a thin box at their house. They got to Carrington Manor where they met Saul and got on with well especially Mr. Hardy who seems to have impressed him thoroughly. After spending a while longer in the Manor they headed home.

Once home they discussed what should be done when Mr Hardy noticed that the house appeared to have been broken into by damage to the back door. A search of the house then began which eventually uncovered some form of bugging device which Riktol crushed.

Another night followed. The following morning they found the hole in the tree house seemed to have moved across the garden and all the coverings around the three house removed. They called Lillian in and she was able to suggest that someone had used a mirror in order to make the portal appear part way across the garden. Lillian suggested that it was a gate way to the hedge. They prepared to cover up the gate when a Raven flew through and landed on Mr Hardy’s shoulder. It transpired that it was a hedge companion called “Her Ladyship” that had befriended Mr. Hardy in the Hedge. The session ended with the group preparing to head for court.

A Courtly Outing

The story picked up again with the characters en route to their first full court session. Lillian drove them over and gave them some advice. They arrived in Sherwood and were escorted to the freehold. They were then sworn in to the court just before the arrival of another one Damien Thespian, looking for the quiet life, arrived with full blown special effects and fanfares.

He was announced by his herald, a cat shaped Hedge Beast called Balthazar which has taken a dislike to Riktol. Thereafter the characters intermingled. Riktol hitting it off with some of the summer court, Mr Hardy striking up conversation with Saul Carrington. Gwyn made friends with the Enigma motley partly due to their shared knowledge of Russian, though Gwyn has not yet told them she can speak the language. Kitten annoyed some of the Court’s prominent smiths (known as the Brothers Bailey). Most of the group have made in roads into finding their feet and possibly a court. All this took place with a buffet feast laid on and all the newly arrived received a credit card with a small amount of funds on it.

Then the entertainment as had. The Magic Mirror of Nottingham as brought out and used to perceive a dream combat between Saul Carrington and an understandably reluctant Kitten. The bout as short and sharp and Kitten as soundly beaten. Thereafter most of the entertainment as more standard with singing and such performances. Shortly afterwards the court broke up and headed home, Lillian driving the characters home.

On the way out they ere all invited to the book Signing of Damien Thespian on the Wednesday and Karl Lovelace (Prince Spring) pretty much demanding that Lillian bring the characters to the Spring Court gathering on the same day. Lillian pretty much ignored him and dropped the characters home.

The following day they received an invitation delivered by Balthazar and some newspapers. The main stories were:
-More Killings in St. Anns
-Marcus Mobray relocating his important business to Nottingham (his home town).
- Damien Thespian’s book signing.

Riktol then explained how to use their credit cards and they went on an outing to the nearby cash point. Here they were met by Felicity who has begun badgering them to come out to a tea on Thursday.
The Plot Thickens

The characters managed to shrug of Felicity and moved off. There as a session of glaring at Kitten as he admitted that he had encountered Felicity previously. However they ere unsure how she knew the rest of their names as they had never told her the rest of their names. Kitten and Riktol headed home to discuss matters further whilst Gwyn and Mr Hardy split up to find some tasty glamour. after about a half hour walk around the park Mr Hardy noticed he was being followed by a pair of youths. Mr Hardy feigned a knee injury and then asked the surprised boys for help.

The boys referred to one another as Bert and Fred. Mr Hardy asked Bert to pull his leg to help. when he bent don to do so Mr Hardy kicked him in the face, fell over and started shouting he as being mugged. Bert fell back and Fred rushed in to help and tried grab Mr Hardy shouting at him to be quiet. Gwyn a little way off heard the ruckus and came running to help while Her Ladyship raced off to find Riktol and Kitten. when after a few rounds Gwyn came running in and sent Fred flying the two of them fled along with two other kids who had been following Gwyneira. Riktol and Kitten along with a lady who had also been in the park arrived. while Gwyn and the lady (who introduced herself as Clair) Kitten and Riktol pursued the children. Clair said she recognised the children as Bert and Fred Williams, the kids of Tina Williams and notably wild.

Kitten and Riktol pursued the children to the old ruin on the edge of town with Her Ladyship in tow. They had met up with the other two children a boy with straightened hair and roguish good looks and a girl with white blonde hair. They ran again eventually losing everyone but Her Ladyship who learned that they were connected to Felicity. The girl was called Kitty and the other boy Stanley and successfully followed them home here they were met an angry Tina.

Meanwhile, the others returned home. Gwyneira dared to go through the hole in the back garden which appeared again an found herself as predicted in the Hedge in a small clearing. Some things like the tarpaulins and duvets they had used to cover the hole had been folded neatly in one part. Gwyn anted her duvet back so ran to grab it quickly before returning. Tina Williams brought around the children to apologise to Mr Hardy and give him a cake. Being paranoid the characters hit the cake with a hammer and set fire to it.

They then phoned the Enigma motley and Lillian about their experiences . Lillian as sure the Enigma motley could handle it so they are now coming around for 11. The following morning about 9 Kitten went off on his own and ran into Felicity. She proceeded to taser him in a quiet street dump him in a van and drive away…

The others all returned

Showdown in the Bookshop

While Kitten was kidnapped the rest of the group met with the Enigma motley. They took a few statements before Julius Crowe and Ivan Gorgosti headed out to investigate whilst Alexander installed some “special protection measures” . Ivan and Julius returned with grim news it appeared Kitten had been kidnapped and taken by, they presumed Felicty.

They informed Lillian of what was going down before the group went and raided the bookshop. They found only a man called Luke there. After a stand off a short fight ensued in which Luke was badly injured and fell unconscious. In the midst of this Kitten managed to escape his bindings and the cellar where he had been locked and join the party. Gwyn and Mr Hardy exited onto the high street at the beginning of the fight and were in the high street. Hence they saw Felicity return with her young accomplices (Kitty, Stanley, Bert and Fred) . They went into the car park behind the book shop. Her Ladyship flew off to give the others a warning. Felicity saw that the building door had been left open and rushed in. Kitten was just about to leave the building he was choked into unconsciousness by Fred before the rest of the group laid in. Felicty was restrained and hand cuffed by Ivan Stanley badly hurt by Alex and Riktol beat Bert into the floor, resulting the rest of the group surrendering.

Cursed to Delinquancy

The session began with the surrender of the remainder of Felicity’s little group surrendering, despite Felicity’s protestations. She continued to shout and rage at Ivan as he held her down. Kitten, coming round went to search for gaffer tape o shut her up.

Mr Hardy and Gwyneira standing outside saw a couple going in to the book shop and decided to follow them in to try and prevent trouble. Felicty was still shouting by this point and it was decided to phone the police. The slightly macho male of the couple decided to go to the rescue to impress his girl. He handed his suit jacket to Mr Hardy who swiped the wallet but left the engagement ring in the pocket. The man opened the door just as Kitten and Riktol were trying to drag Felicity to the cellar. Taking in the scene the man went into the attack. Kitten was badly beaten again whilst Riktol dealt the decisive blow laying out the man to the horror of his watching girl friend. In the mean time, Gwyn dragged the soon to be fiancĂ© out of the shop. Julius Crowe herded the children into Felicity’s car, hijacked it and drove off at speed. Ivan and Alexander had rushed in, Ivan grabbing Felicity and the unconscious Luke whilst Alex dropped into the cellar.

Mr Hardy and Gwyn retrieved the unconscious man from the back room and were hailed as the hero/heroine of the hour by the press and police who were just arriving. This delayed their pursuit of the others slightly who made a speedy retreat except for Alex who passed into the Hedge. Gwyn and Mr Hardy filed in a set of witness reports and headed home with much acclamation.

They arrived home to find none of the others had arrived yet. They had a brief encounter with Fetch-Haul a fetch who had killed his changeling counter part and demanded amnesty from the Free Hold a long while back. His manners disgusted Mr Hardy but he seemed harmless despite coming through the Hedge gate in their back garden.

Shortly thereafter Alex arrived back from the hedge and they were thus able to organise coordinating everyone. Lillian came over rand gave them a lift to the barn where most of the others had holed up, Julius having headed to the Enigma motley’s home. Other than Kitten provoking Lillian into beating him unconscious for the third time that day they were able to reconvene.

Alex had managed to liberate a number of dossiers that were highly interesting from Felicity’s basement. They mostly contained a mix of incorrect information on the Fae, a report of how her parents had been kidnapped. A very slim dossier on each of the players which showed she could see through the mask as well as copious notes on several local cases of Fae abductions, including the disappearance of the Stedmanns and Hardy Manor. There was a final dossier dealing with some investigation which Felicity refused to commit to paper. Oh and Kitten has begun convincing everyone that he was cursed by Felicity and tat she is some kind of witch.

It was generally agreed that Felicity was too much of a delinquent and knew too much so should be discredited whilst the other members convinced that Felicity was entirely mad. Alex and Lillian wen to sort out things with the court. Julius and Kitten went to investigate anything further they could find on Felicty and curses. Ivan and Riktol begun playing with Bartholomew the bear cub. Mr Hardy and Gwyn went to talk to the children. An interesting scene greeted them when they entered the guest room where the children were being held. Bert and Fred were sullen on the bed, Kitty was slumped in a corner with a slap mark across her face. As soon as they entered Stanley was trying to ingratiate himself with them and in slightly more private discussions offered to sell out Felicity and the rest of the group if necessary in return for freedom and a cut of any ransom his father might send to “Felicity” for their release.

Following this Mr Hardy and Gwyn spoke to the other children and managed to plant a seed of doubt and they admitted that of late Felicty had become more and more obsessed with fighting the Fae and finding their parents and how their parents were kidnapped by the Bark Skinned Man.

In the Break
Events over the two month time skip

More and more deaths have been occurring and a full police investigation has been ;launched.
A low key gang war is going on in St. Annes but it is becoming more and more vicious.

-A number of New Changeling’s have emigrated to Nottingham or come from the Hedge.
-More and more trods are becoming usable but simultaneously more Briar Wolves are moving into the area. People have been saying other creatures have returned to the Hedge, the Ghost of Blind George ha been seen abroad again and Mother Maria has been seen with packs of Hobgoblins at her heels.
-Damien Thespian has announced that he will be joining the spring court.
-Julius Crowe has become something of the talk of the court due to the strange black scars which now cover his face.
-The Spring Court is in uproar after one of their parties on the 7th of December was trashed by the Enigma Motley. The Stories are confused and conflicting with both groups throwing back recriminations and excuses. What is known is that the enigma motley went to the Spring meet up with bottles of Cocktails containing Pit Moss (a powerful depressant) and Cheroot (a goblin fruit known fo have amazing hair growth properties.) None of the enigma motley were affected but the rest of the gathering including Karl Lovelace, Damien Thespian and two visitors from Manchester became highly depressed and grew massive amounts of hair. At some point during the evening Alexander pulled a taser on one of the guests and a short brawl followed which left Alexander and Balthazar (Damien Thespian’s Hedgebeast) in need of life saving surgery. The Enigma Motley claim it was the fault of the Marketeer who sold it them but the Spring Court remain unconvinced.

-The gate into the Hedge in your back garden has continued to function.
-Lillian has stopped attending the Spring gatherings at all and is only nominally a member now.
-The Enigma Motley sent your group a warning about Clarissa and Clara a pair of Moth Women who they believe are part of the Duchy of the Icebound Heart who will steal all the love and happiness from your life. They claim they met them at the Spring Court Gathering which they freely admit to sabotaging but only in your presence and to no one else at the court.
-Rumor is that the Enigma Motley are being targeted for their attack on the Spring Court, already Ivan has lost his job and these are supposed to only be the beginning of the reprisals.
-Ivan has apparently been investigating the murders and has some idea of what’s behind them but is now holding onto the information after the loss of his job.


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