The New world

Clique of Fairy Hunters


Kidnapped Kitten and held him in Felicity’s book store.

Group Members:
-Felicity Chansons: maybe 24 with white blonde hair. Has some way of detecting the Mien of Changelings
-Luke : Childhood friend of Felicity
-Kitty Chansons: Felicity’s Younger sister now 18, she lives with Felicity after their parents disappearance two years ago.
-Stanley Stannish: Has offered to support the story that Felicity was a nut case in return for release and some of the ransom money if there is anything.
-Fred Williams: The older of the two Williams brothers, stocky and brooding, 18,
-Bert Williams: The younger Williams brother, slighter than his brother, 16 turning 17.

They have been investigating various fairy sightings which have increased substantially recently. In particular the Hardy Manor and the disappearance of the Younger Stedmaan out by Cotgrave. The whole group began as a result of Felicity and Kitty’s parents being kidnapped by the Fae, whose description was of a tall black man with lined skin like bark.


The Group has now been forcibly disbanded by the Players.

Luke has been imprisoned for instigating the kidnap for a 12 year sentence.
Felicity has been sent to a mental institute for treatment indefinitely
Bert and Fred have been sent back to their Mother Tina
Stanley went back to his father who has since begun buying mental institutions
Kitty has been sent to an Orphanage in Edinburgh

The New world

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