Kitten Marcus


Entitlement: N/A
Court: N/A
Seeming Blessing: 1 G to increase Stealth, Subterfuge, Wits pools by one. 1 G to re roll a stealth pool.
Seeming Curse: -1 to contract rolls if it is day, -2 to contract rolls if light directly visible
Kith Blessing: Keys to Knowledge: 9 Again Academics and Investigation. 1 G to +3 to Academics Roll

Intelligence 4; Wits 3; Resolve 1
Strength 1; Dexterity 3; Stamina 3
Presence 2; Manipulation 1; Composure 3

Academics (Anthropology)4; Computer 0; Crafts 0; Investigation (Solving Enigmas) 3; Medicine 0; Occult 2; Politics 2; Science 0
Athletics (Free Running) 2; Brawl 0; Drive 0; Firearms 0; Larceny 0; Stealth 3; Survival 0; Weaponry 2 (knives)
Animal Ken 0; Empathy; Expression 0; Intimidation 2; Persuasion 0; Socialise 0; Streetwise 0; Subterfuge 2

Contracts: Darkness (2) ; Mirror (3); Smoke (2)
Wyrd 1
Fighting finesse (2) Encyclopaedic Knowledge (1) Eye for the strange (2) Eidetic Memory (2)
Virtue: Prudence, Vice: Greed (Knowledge)

Health 8; Willpower 4;
Size 5; Speed 8; Initiative 5; Defence 2; Perception 6;
Glamour 10; Per turn:1

Clarity 7

XP: 0


Keeper: The Duchess of Cats

Graduate of humanities; archaeology and anthropology. A high flying achiever with a passion for all types of knowledge. Mainly interested in history of cultures; though has dabbled in politics and the occult. Enjoys playing the piano, and traveling the old parts of the world. He was on vacation, exploring the more ancient and mysterious forests of South England, when it suddenly and strangely started snowing. A large cat, that did not appear to be aggressive, nor what one expects to see in England came out of the trees and stared, keeping eyes locked for a few moments before it turned, swayed its tail and hopped forward, head turning back before it disappeared into the woods. Curious, Marcus follows and walks deeper in the woods.. deeper and deeper through thick branches that cut and tear, but in a trance-like state he cannot stop himself from walking forward, until he feints. When he came back around, back laid across the cold, snow-covered ground, head spinning; he sees the snow leopard transform into a tall, graceful, elegant female creature with the kind of beauty his eyes had not seen before. The world he once knew, gone, a distant memory, what was about to unravel; hideous, painful, frightening. Though, mysterious with a strange kind of beauty and colour.

- cats
- crowds

- to find out whether his family are safe and if it is wise to get back together
- to discover more knowledge about this strange new world that he has been thrown into

Kitten Marcus

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