Out of the Woods into the Fire

The MacGuffin

The lady who arrived in the Freehold walked up the aisle of the main refectory with waves of power coming off of her making everyone in the room not wish to harm or contradict her. Upon reaching the front of the gathering she turned and begun addressing the assembled gathering. She introduced herself as Emily Marchese, Herald of Prince Vespers of Nottingham and brought a demand of tribute and subservience of the Freehold to the Kindred Vampires of Nottingham. This would require a tribute in blood and services to the Vampires or else captives they had taken would be killed. Lady Dania managed to resist the creature’s compulsion and stood up to begin proclaiming defiance. However,Emily Marchese rapidly revealed that the main captive they had was Lady Dania’s baby daughter – the child who’d been given to the PC’s to deliver. Dania quickly backtracked and broke down sobbing. Emily left after delivering her final demands.

The court erupted into turmoil. lady Dania demanded everyone submit to the Vampires and was then ushered off by Jove her retainer. Rictum and Michele tried briefly to track Emily but came up dead in the Sherwood Forest car park. Rictum, Riktol and Michele were then asked to see Saul Carrington. Saul outlined how dangerous the situation was since the Vampires clearly had an information source on the Changeling’s else how would they have found the Commons. Saul then explained they have not dealt with Vampires much in the freehold since prior to about twenty years ago they used to have a token in the freehold: the Wan Lamp this token could shine pure sun light upon the area so the user would never be in darkness and could protect buildings from those who wished harm to those inside from entering. The sunlight could destroy Vampires very swiftly and the Lamp was cherished by the Freehold enough to be given it’s own protector. The last protector, Mother Maria, fled into the Hedge with it 20 odd years ago. She apparently left to set up her own Monastery in the Hedge and has not been heard of since.

None of the Changelings ever managed to find it but apparently a Merchant called Rackletackle from the local Goblin market periodically trades with her. The Characters have set out to try and collect some more odds and ends to trade at the Goblin Market. Gwyn and Mr Hardy went shopping for antiques whilst Rictum, Riktol, Michelle and her Ladyship went on a hedge expedition for a couple of hours collecting about 20 odd goblin fruits and the skeletal remains of a small child wrapped in rags. Michelle carried the child back to Langer Road and was disconcerted when it occasionally wriggled or sighed. The session ended back at home with Rictum indulging in his blood drinking ways…


CullenLewis CullenLewis

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