Out of the Woods into the Fire

Showdown in the Bookshop

While Kitten was kidnapped the rest of the group met with the Enigma motley. They took a few statements before Julius Crowe and Ivan Gorgosti headed out to investigate whilst Alexander installed some “special protection measures” . Ivan and Julius returned with grim news it appeared Kitten had been kidnapped and taken by, they presumed Felicty.

They informed Lillian of what was going down before the group went and raided the bookshop. They found only a man called Luke there. After a stand off a short fight ensued in which Luke was badly injured and fell unconscious. In the midst of this Kitten managed to escape his bindings and the cellar where he had been locked and join the party. Gwyn and Mr Hardy exited onto the high street at the beginning of the fight and were in the high street. Hence they saw Felicity return with her young accomplices (Kitty, Stanley, Bert and Fred) . They went into the car park behind the book shop. Her Ladyship flew off to give the others a warning. Felicity saw that the building door had been left open and rushed in. Kitten was just about to leave the building he was choked into unconsciousness by Fred before the rest of the group laid in. Felicty was restrained and hand cuffed by Ivan Stanley badly hurt by Alex and Riktol beat Bert into the floor, resulting the rest of the group surrendering.


CullenLewis CullenLewis

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