Out of the Woods into the Fire

In the Break

Events over the two month time skip

More and more deaths have been occurring and a full police investigation has been ;launched.
A low key gang war is going on in St. Annes but it is becoming more and more vicious.

-A number of New Changeling’s have emigrated to Nottingham or come from the Hedge.
-More and more trods are becoming usable but simultaneously more Briar Wolves are moving into the area. People have been saying other creatures have returned to the Hedge, the Ghost of Blind George ha been seen abroad again and Mother Maria has been seen with packs of Hobgoblins at her heels.
-Damien Thespian has announced that he will be joining the spring court.
-Julius Crowe has become something of the talk of the court due to the strange black scars which now cover his face.
-The Spring Court is in uproar after one of their parties on the 7th of December was trashed by the Enigma Motley. The Stories are confused and conflicting with both groups throwing back recriminations and excuses. What is known is that the enigma motley went to the Spring meet up with bottles of Cocktails containing Pit Moss (a powerful depressant) and Cheroot (a goblin fruit known fo have amazing hair growth properties.) None of the enigma motley were affected but the rest of the gathering including Karl Lovelace, Damien Thespian and two visitors from Manchester became highly depressed and grew massive amounts of hair. At some point during the evening Alexander pulled a taser on one of the guests and a short brawl followed which left Alexander and Balthazar (Damien Thespian’s Hedgebeast) in need of life saving surgery. The Enigma Motley claim it was the fault of the Marketeer who sold it them but the Spring Court remain unconvinced.

-The gate into the Hedge in your back garden has continued to function.
-Lillian has stopped attending the Spring gatherings at all and is only nominally a member now.
-The Enigma Motley sent your group a warning about Clarissa and Clara a pair of Moth Women who they believe are part of the Duchy of the Icebound Heart who will steal all the love and happiness from your life. They claim they met them at the Spring Court Gathering which they freely admit to sabotaging but only in your presence and to no one else at the court.
-Rumor is that the Enigma Motley are being targeted for their attack on the Spring Court, already Ivan has lost his job and these are supposed to only be the beginning of the reprisals.
-Ivan has apparently been investigating the murders and has some idea of what’s behind them but is now holding onto the information after the loss of his job.


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