Out of the Woods into the Fire

Endings and Begginings

This session involved concluding the parties dealings with Felicity whereby they drugged her the Children and Luke put Luke in a field somewhere, the Children tied up in a barn and went back to Felicity’s bookstore and threw her into her cellar to make it look like she returned to the house and fell into the cellar. The result was that Felicity and Luke were arrested the following day. Luke was arrested and sent to the local prison for taking advantage of Felivity and driving her to kidnap a number of innocent children. Felcity was declared unstable and her sister Kitty removed from her guardianship, her busniess and assets disolved and stored until Kitty reached the age of 21 and could legally inherit. Felicity was then sent to a local mental institute to be assesed and receive couselling so that she would no longer be a danger to society. Fred and Bert returned home to a tearful Tina and Stanley played things up to the hilt with his father who has now begun buying private mental institutions including the one housing Felicity. Kitty has been placed in guardianship for the seocnd time in her life and has been sent to a foster home in Edinburgh since the authorities think it would be best to reduce her contact with her sister and because beauracracy.

Kitten has been sent to live with Esmerelda to work on breaking his “curse”.

The remaining three changeligns remained at home and after the time skip the story opened again on Sunday December the 8th . Gwyneira made and early and very loud brekfast much to Riktol’s dsgust and Mr Hardy left the house to get away from the noise and go to church. A new character: Cade Rictum, having been on the run for fighting in the streets worked his way through the Hedge and appeared in the Langer Road Hedge Gate. He slunk through and disappeared off over the back hedge, triggering the security sytem in the process…

He wandered around for a bit before deciding to cross the fields behind Langer road to reach the woodland. Gwyneira meanwhile heard an increasingly loud rattling sound from the Security Systems cupboard. Acquiring the heaviest frying pan she could she opened the cupboard door in time to see something disappear out the other side and race off across the garden. Rictum saw something coming and fled towards the woodland only to be knocked flying by the Security System. Turning and rising he found himslef face to face with a creature with the body of a small black goat and the head of a barn owl. A fight ensued which the goat won handily despite Rictum calling upon the Armour of Elemental Fury Fire. The fight was only ended by the appeareance of nosy neighbours (who tried put out the fire) and Gwyneira who told Rictum to stop attacking her goat. Rictum collapsed shortly afterwards and was carried back into the house by two of the neighbours accompanied by Gwyn and a self satisified Goaowl (Goat-Owl). Mr Hardy returned and after a whisky diet Rictum was revied and Lillian called. Mr Hardy tried talk to Rictum and didn’t get very far, an invite was delivered from Damien Thespian to a Soiree (this was promptly fed to the Goaowl). Rictum was “requested” to present himself to the Nottingham Freehold on the Tuesday evening and the others were told to make sur ehe made it there. Afterwards Lillian stayed and made lunch to Gwyn’s relief. She talke dto them about the upcoming winter ball and how they would need to slect carefully their evening wear for the night as well as who and how they arrived as well as to bring presents for court members of their choice. She arranged to go on a shopping trip with the group if required and offered to supply them with Christmas trees for Christmas. Finally she informed Gwyn that her fetch was back in the country with a dossier of photos that were taken at East Midlands airport the day before last, showing someone who looked very similar ot Gwyn…


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