Out of the Woods into the Fire

Cursed to Delinquancy

The session began with the surrender of the remainder of Felicity’s little group surrendering, despite Felicity’s protestations. She continued to shout and rage at Ivan as he held her down. Kitten, coming round went to search for gaffer tape o shut her up.

Mr Hardy and Gwyneira standing outside saw a couple going in to the book shop and decided to follow them in to try and prevent trouble. Felicty was still shouting by this point and it was decided to phone the police. The slightly macho male of the couple decided to go to the rescue to impress his girl. He handed his suit jacket to Mr Hardy who swiped the wallet but left the engagement ring in the pocket. The man opened the door just as Kitten and Riktol were trying to drag Felicity to the cellar. Taking in the scene the man went into the attack. Kitten was badly beaten again whilst Riktol dealt the decisive blow laying out the man to the horror of his watching girl friend. In the mean time, Gwyn dragged the soon to be fiancĂ© out of the shop. Julius Crowe herded the children into Felicity’s car, hijacked it and drove off at speed. Ivan and Alexander had rushed in, Ivan grabbing Felicity and the unconscious Luke whilst Alex dropped into the cellar.

Mr Hardy and Gwyn retrieved the unconscious man from the back room and were hailed as the hero/heroine of the hour by the press and police who were just arriving. This delayed their pursuit of the others slightly who made a speedy retreat except for Alex who passed into the Hedge. Gwyn and Mr Hardy filed in a set of witness reports and headed home with much acclamation.

They arrived home to find none of the others had arrived yet. They had a brief encounter with Fetch-Haul a fetch who had killed his changeling counter part and demanded amnesty from the Free Hold a long while back. His manners disgusted Mr Hardy but he seemed harmless despite coming through the Hedge gate in their back garden.

Shortly thereafter Alex arrived back from the hedge and they were thus able to organise coordinating everyone. Lillian came over rand gave them a lift to the barn where most of the others had holed up, Julius having headed to the Enigma motley’s home. Other than Kitten provoking Lillian into beating him unconscious for the third time that day they were able to reconvene.

Alex had managed to liberate a number of dossiers that were highly interesting from Felicity’s basement. They mostly contained a mix of incorrect information on the Fae, a report of how her parents had been kidnapped. A very slim dossier on each of the players which showed she could see through the mask as well as copious notes on several local cases of Fae abductions, including the disappearance of the Stedmanns and Hardy Manor. There was a final dossier dealing with some investigation which Felicity refused to commit to paper. Oh and Kitten has begun convincing everyone that he was cursed by Felicity and tat she is some kind of witch.

It was generally agreed that Felicity was too much of a delinquent and knew too much so should be discredited whilst the other members convinced that Felicity was entirely mad. Alex and Lillian wen to sort out things with the court. Julius and Kitten went to investigate anything further they could find on Felicty and curses. Ivan and Riktol begun playing with Bartholomew the bear cub. Mr Hardy and Gwyn went to talk to the children. An interesting scene greeted them when they entered the guest room where the children were being held. Bert and Fred were sullen on the bed, Kitty was slumped in a corner with a slap mark across her face. As soon as they entered Stanley was trying to ingratiate himself with them and in slightly more private discussions offered to sell out Felicity and the rest of the group if necessary in return for freedom and a cut of any ransom his father might send to “Felicity” for their release.

Following this Mr Hardy and Gwyn spoke to the other children and managed to plant a seed of doubt and they admitted that of late Felicty had become more and more obsessed with fighting the Fae and finding their parents and how their parents were kidnapped by the Bark Skinned Man.


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