Out of the Woods into the Fire

Courting Disaster

Play began again after a break with the arrival of a new character named Michele Butler an Ogre with a ferocious bite and a gang back ground. She hung around despite the lack of cocaine and the players went on a short jaunt to visit the hospice where Gwyneira’s Fetch was working. Mr Hardy went in and had a chat with her and concluded that she had worked hard for charity and built the hospice with money from a lottery. The rest of the group put pressure on Gwyneira not to kill her Fetch so they drove home and left it.

Michele went back to her flat. That night however the house opposite 2 Langer Drive was raided, two blacked out Cadilacs with no number plates rolled up and a dozen men got out. The door to the house was swiftly broken down and the old couple and the baby the players had delivered to them way back were hustled out into cars. All this directed by teenage Asian girl. A few of the locals tried to intervene but were beaten down. The cars screeched off and Her Ladyship followed one of them and saw the old couple get taken out and short and dumped in a ditch. Riktol called Alicia Freehand and told her about the situation and the baby before calling Lady Dania Russet and also giving her the low down on the situation. Police arrived and the players and locals gave statements whilst the Ambulance dealt with a few injuries. Shortly after this Lady Dania arrived and in a furious tirade informed the players she was holding them responsible for it and demanded they solve the problem before storming off.

The next day the players phoned around such as the fact that the Asian girl they had seen was involved in the local gangs and was someone to be avoided. Saul Carrinbgton seemed to have more information but was unwilling to divulge it. Rictum went tracking for the group that attacked the house but only ended up on a three hour wild goose chase that led through woods and a waste outflow pipe before he gave up and took another few hours to make it home.

Mr Hardy decided he didn’t much like Lady Dania and instead focused on the Leaden Mirror Token He’d been given and worked out the effects it had depended on one’s connection to the Wyrd.

Everyone bar Mr Hardy then headed over to the court session. Mr Hardy went and examined the house that had been attacked whilst Her Ladyship distracted the police with hat stealing antics. Rictum and Michele meanwhile were introduced to Tavish’s verbose style before heading down to the refectory for the night’s gathering. Several more people straggled in before Court was about to begin. This was interrupted however by Tavish being thrown through the doors of the refectory and the arrival of a tall deathly pale woman


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