Out of the Woods into the Fire

Come Buy, Come Buy

Play began with a discussion amongst the assembled players to determine what they intended to sell ,Gwyn and Mr Hardy returned with a number of water colours that may possibly be worth something to the goblins.

Riktol drove the group over to the Nottingham cemetary but elected to remain outside. Once inside the group found the markets bustling with individuals, humans, changelings, hobs maybe even a vampire or two. They managed to acquire directions to Rackletackle’s stall and en route Mr Hardy “acquired” a couple of Goblin fruit from a nearby stand. They arrived at Racktackles to find he was a disturbing Crow Creature wearing lacy gloves. They began bartering but it quickly became apparent that Rackletackle thought little of most the items that they had brought.

At this point the Market Ogres arrived with a Tracker Hob looking for the Fruit thief and promptly set about Mr Hardy, he managed to evade their attacks for a long while as more and more ogres began piling in. Gwyn and Michele stood back as most of the market moved out of the way. Rictum through some fire around to help and was set upon as well. Long story short both Mr Hardy and Rictum were forcibly subdued and escorted to the centre of the market where they were judged guilty of damage to the Market. Mr Hardy had to pay 9 Goblin fruits recompense and permanently had a finger removed (all paid now). Rictum due to the damage he’d inflicted was required to pay 15 goblin fruits and had his hand branded painfully. Gwyn then escorted the two of them back to the car whilst Michele went back to Rackletackle and traded the memories of her parents for a Map which would lead them on their Hedgespedition.

They returned home with Mr Hardy still barely concious (Lot’s of Agg Damage). Upon arriving home they slept of the rest of the night and then called Lillian over. She healed the worst of Mr Hardy and Rictum’s wounds and sat giving them advice about their journey, she warned them that synthetic materials rarely survive long and proceeded to provide them with a suitable tent and a book she had written on Hedge flora. The group then made another short trip to acquire blankets, matches and other necessaries before setting of on the three-four day journey into the Hedge….


CullenLewis CullenLewis

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