Out of the Woods into the Fire

A really cliched Title

And So the final fight came, the characters returned from the Hedge, managed to work out that Fetch-Haul the weird Fetch had liberated the lamp from the monastery and he was at the commons. They headed over there to find the fetch negotiating with the camaraderie motley and Jove over the lamp. Much arguing resulted until eventually Fetch Haul swore into a pledge to bring the lamp the following day to a warehouse once he had retrieved it. in return the two “Motleys” would organize for him to receive suitable payment follow. They spent the day resting then headed over to the warehouse. Fetch haul arrived and begun to get out the lamp when Vampires stormed the room.

In the Name of God

The characters began again after last time in which they were able to regroup and wipe out a group of loyalists. They used the stocks of goblin fruit possessed by the loyalists to heal up, unfortunately Mr Hardy had fled with the map so they were forced to continue without him in the direction they believed was correct. They walked all day and into the night deciding to use Rictum’s night vision to carry on. They came across a clearing where they found a small girl sat by a fire crying. The party approached her and she told them that she was called Dolly and she had lost her Mother when they left the the monastery to collect food. The party camped down and decided to take her with them. Next morning they carried on and found another person purporting to be friendly going by the name of Mark. He claimed to be a hedge traveller and his Spring Mantle led the rest of the characters to trust him.

They proceeded on with Dolly getting more and more excited as she directed them towards the monastery. Eventually they came to a dark cave that Dolly said led to the Monastery. They constructed some flaming torches and headed into the dark. A sudden wind blew out the torches and they heard giggling laughter in the darkness. They lit their torches again and continued briefly. Dolly then pick pocketed the lighter that they had used and ran away, at which point the lights went out again to the sound of more giggling and running feet. The creatures fled into the darkness. Eventually by using elemental contracts the group was able to cross the cave and over the crevasse in their way coming out into the light of day again. Michele used her Ogre abilities to continue sensing her way towards the monastey. En route they ran into yet another new person. A young woman in loose fitting clothes of a monastic style stepped out in front of the group she introduced herself as Evangeline and questioned their purpose once she found that they were coming to visit the monastery she was very welcoming and took them the rest of the way.

The monastery looked run down and over grown and built on a bridge over a river in the Hedge. The group went in and met mother Maria everything seemed fairly standard until it turned out that the rest of the convent was filled with skeletons. Mark promptly went outside and began calling a flood to destroy the place whilst everyone else went and had dinner. The brief conversation they had taught them that the Wan Lamp had been stolen from the monastery by someone before Rictum “committed sin” and the monastery apparently needed to be cleansed with blood. The players let Rictum be dragged off by a group of skeletal monks but then decided they no longer wanted to go along with it. Gwyn and Riktol held off the skeletal Parishioners whilst Rictum beat down his assailants but collapsed himself after taking a beating. Evangeline fell over and started bleeding from the eyes when Mother Maria could no longer maintain her spell over her because she and Michele were fighting it out. The boots Michele had taken from the loyalist camp begun to take control of her movements jumping higher and running faster than she might otherwise but not always at her own volition. The whole scene was backlit by Mark’s storm with the waters rising and the thunder crashing. The fight ended with the bootys bouncing both Michele and Mother Maria high into the air before coming down with a sickening crack as Mother Maria’s back broke. By now the monastery was being torn apart by the weather and Evangeline, recovering led the players to a boat they could use to escape…

If you go Down to the Woods Today
So nearly a TPK...

The characters began collecting a bit more glamour before heading of on their hedgespedition. Notable between Riktol and MR Hardy the whole group have now been banned from their local super market for lewd comments and harassing customers…

The session started as it mean to go on. When they finally set off Mr Hardy took the map and begun navigating towards the location of the monastery. After about 6 hours of hiking the group reached what appeared to be an abandoned modern city, possibly a reflection of the real world. Thorns grew from the windows and curled alleys and streets. The ground under foot despite appearing to be asphalt was warm like flesh and gave slightly under the groups feet. They set up a camp and built a fire before sleeping with Her Ladyship on guard.

About an hour or two later she spotted a phosphorescent blue lights and woke Riktol whilst he too looked at the light they begun to hear a tapping sound and words like ¬£Please don’t leave me, where are you , Johnny they’re catching up!" and a weave of fear rushed over them which they managed to control. They woke Mr HArdy who immediately lost it and charged off through the tent and nearby wall with a contract. His screaming woke Michelle and Rictum. Michelle flipped out and charged off too, entangling herself in the tent which collapsed knocking Gwyn unconscious before staggering through the fire and catching the tent on fire. Riktol and Rictum spend the next minute wrestling Michele to the ground and pulling the tent off of her before she slipped into a catatonic state.

Her Ladyship pursued a gibbering Mr Hardy as did some of the local briar wolves, he sped on jumping brambles and cutting himself innumerable times on the thorns before curling up inside a hollow trunk and crying to himself. The briar wolves went for him whereupon Her Ladyship tried to fend them off whilst screaming for help. Riktol and Rictum were the only ones left on their feet and raced off to help leaving Gwyn and Michele unconscious on the path. By the time they arrived the Briar Wolves had dragged Mr Hardy from his hiding place and his compatriots with a mighty roar charged in…

Only for Rictum’s already abused body to collapse on the first blow, slightly singing the Briar Wolf with his firey armour. Riktol was now the only one still on his feet of all the PCs and things looked grim when the Fae mount Rictum had called arrived, scooped him up and flew off. This breathing space gave Riktol time to grab Mr Hardy and Her Ladyship and sprint for the path, his stone like skin deflecting the cuts of brambles. FUelled by his courage Riktol out ran the Briar Wolves back to the path where he performed emergency first aid on Mr Hardy and Her Ladyship (who was now in a critical condition after getting mangled by the Briar Wolves. This was the point that he realized Michele was no longer their. The panther returned without Rictum and picked up Gwyn in its mouth. Given little choice Riktol jumped aboard with Mr Hardy and Her Ladyship, leaving their supplies in the hands of the Briar Wolf Pack. The panther dropped them on a nearby hilltop with Rictum. Leaving the others Riktol took off again on the panther to search for Michele. After a few minutes he saw a camp fire and flapped closer…

Mr Hardy came to and decided he really did not like the hedge…

Rictum drooled into the grass dreaming…

Michele woke up in a covered cage with the sound of a campfire near by…

Come Buy, Come Buy

Play began with a discussion amongst the assembled players to determine what they intended to sell ,Gwyn and Mr Hardy returned with a number of water colours that may possibly be worth something to the goblins.

Riktol drove the group over to the Nottingham cemetary but elected to remain outside. Once inside the group found the markets bustling with individuals, humans, changelings, hobs maybe even a vampire or two. They managed to acquire directions to Rackletackle’s stall and en route Mr Hardy “acquired” a couple of Goblin fruit from a nearby stand. They arrived at Racktackles to find he was a disturbing Crow Creature wearing lacy gloves. They began bartering but it quickly became apparent that Rackletackle thought little of most the items that they had brought.

At this point the Market Ogres arrived with a Tracker Hob looking for the Fruit thief and promptly set about Mr Hardy, he managed to evade their attacks for a long while as more and more ogres began piling in. Gwyn and Michele stood back as most of the market moved out of the way. Rictum through some fire around to help and was set upon as well. Long story short both Mr Hardy and Rictum were forcibly subdued and escorted to the centre of the market where they were judged guilty of damage to the Market. Mr Hardy had to pay 9 Goblin fruits recompense and permanently had a finger removed (all paid now). Rictum due to the damage he’d inflicted was required to pay 15 goblin fruits and had his hand branded painfully. Gwyn then escorted the two of them back to the car whilst Michele went back to Rackletackle and traded the memories of her parents for a Map which would lead them on their Hedgespedition.

They returned home with Mr Hardy still barely concious (Lot’s of Agg Damage). Upon arriving home they slept of the rest of the night and then called Lillian over. She healed the worst of Mr Hardy and Rictum’s wounds and sat giving them advice about their journey, she warned them that synthetic materials rarely survive long and proceeded to provide them with a suitable tent and a book she had written on Hedge flora. The group then made another short trip to acquire blankets, matches and other necessaries before setting of on the three-four day journey into the Hedge….

The MacGuffin

The lady who arrived in the Freehold walked up the aisle of the main refectory with waves of power coming off of her making everyone in the room not wish to harm or contradict her. Upon reaching the front of the gathering she turned and begun addressing the assembled gathering. She introduced herself as Emily Marchese, Herald of Prince Vespers of Nottingham and brought a demand of tribute and subservience of the Freehold to the Kindred Vampires of Nottingham. This would require a tribute in blood and services to the Vampires or else captives they had taken would be killed. Lady Dania managed to resist the creature’s compulsion and stood up to begin proclaiming defiance. However,Emily Marchese rapidly revealed that the main captive they had was Lady Dania’s baby daughter – the child who’d been given to the PC’s to deliver. Dania quickly backtracked and broke down sobbing. Emily left after delivering her final demands.

The court erupted into turmoil. lady Dania demanded everyone submit to the Vampires and was then ushered off by Jove her retainer. Rictum and Michele tried briefly to track Emily but came up dead in the Sherwood Forest car park. Rictum, Riktol and Michele were then asked to see Saul Carrington. Saul outlined how dangerous the situation was since the Vampires clearly had an information source on the Changeling’s else how would they have found the Commons. Saul then explained they have not dealt with Vampires much in the freehold since prior to about twenty years ago they used to have a token in the freehold: the Wan Lamp this token could shine pure sun light upon the area so the user would never be in darkness and could protect buildings from those who wished harm to those inside from entering. The sunlight could destroy Vampires very swiftly and the Lamp was cherished by the Freehold enough to be given it’s own protector. The last protector, Mother Maria, fled into the Hedge with it 20 odd years ago. She apparently left to set up her own Monastery in the Hedge and has not been heard of since.

None of the Changelings ever managed to find it but apparently a Merchant called Rackletackle from the local Goblin market periodically trades with her. The Characters have set out to try and collect some more odds and ends to trade at the Goblin Market. Gwyn and Mr Hardy went shopping for antiques whilst Rictum, Riktol, Michelle and her Ladyship went on a hedge expedition for a couple of hours collecting about 20 odd goblin fruits and the skeletal remains of a small child wrapped in rags. Michelle carried the child back to Langer Road and was disconcerted when it occasionally wriggled or sighed. The session ended back at home with Rictum indulging in his blood drinking ways…

Courting Disaster

Play began again after a break with the arrival of a new character named Michele Butler an Ogre with a ferocious bite and a gang back ground. She hung around despite the lack of cocaine and the players went on a short jaunt to visit the hospice where Gwyneira’s Fetch was working. Mr Hardy went in and had a chat with her and concluded that she had worked hard for charity and built the hospice with money from a lottery. The rest of the group put pressure on Gwyneira not to kill her Fetch so they drove home and left it.

Michele went back to her flat. That night however the house opposite 2 Langer Drive was raided, two blacked out Cadilacs with no number plates rolled up and a dozen men got out. The door to the house was swiftly broken down and the old couple and the baby the players had delivered to them way back were hustled out into cars. All this directed by teenage Asian girl. A few of the locals tried to intervene but were beaten down. The cars screeched off and Her Ladyship followed one of them and saw the old couple get taken out and short and dumped in a ditch. Riktol called Alicia Freehand and told her about the situation and the baby before calling Lady Dania Russet and also giving her the low down on the situation. Police arrived and the players and locals gave statements whilst the Ambulance dealt with a few injuries. Shortly after this Lady Dania arrived and in a furious tirade informed the players she was holding them responsible for it and demanded they solve the problem before storming off.

The next day the players phoned around such as the fact that the Asian girl they had seen was involved in the local gangs and was someone to be avoided. Saul Carrinbgton seemed to have more information but was unwilling to divulge it. Rictum went tracking for the group that attacked the house but only ended up on a three hour wild goose chase that led through woods and a waste outflow pipe before he gave up and took another few hours to make it home.

Mr Hardy decided he didn’t much like Lady Dania and instead focused on the Leaden Mirror Token He’d been given and worked out the effects it had depended on one’s connection to the Wyrd.

Everyone bar Mr Hardy then headed over to the court session. Mr Hardy went and examined the house that had been attacked whilst Her Ladyship distracted the police with hat stealing antics. Rictum and Michele meanwhile were introduced to Tavish’s verbose style before heading down to the refectory for the night’s gathering. Several more people straggled in before Court was about to begin. This was interrupted however by Tavish being thrown through the doors of the refectory and the arrival of a tall deathly pale woman

Endings and Begginings

This session involved concluding the parties dealings with Felicity whereby they drugged her the Children and Luke put Luke in a field somewhere, the Children tied up in a barn and went back to Felicity’s bookstore and threw her into her cellar to make it look like she returned to the house and fell into the cellar. The result was that Felicity and Luke were arrested the following day. Luke was arrested and sent to the local prison for taking advantage of Felivity and driving her to kidnap a number of innocent children. Felcity was declared unstable and her sister Kitty removed from her guardianship, her busniess and assets disolved and stored until Kitty reached the age of 21 and could legally inherit. Felicity was then sent to a local mental institute to be assesed and receive couselling so that she would no longer be a danger to society. Fred and Bert returned home to a tearful Tina and Stanley played things up to the hilt with his father who has now begun buying private mental institutions including the one housing Felicity. Kitty has been placed in guardianship for the seocnd time in her life and has been sent to a foster home in Edinburgh since the authorities think it would be best to reduce her contact with her sister and because beauracracy.

Kitten has been sent to live with Esmerelda to work on breaking his “curse”.

The remaining three changeligns remained at home and after the time skip the story opened again on Sunday December the 8th . Gwyneira made and early and very loud brekfast much to Riktol’s dsgust and Mr Hardy left the house to get away from the noise and go to church. A new character: Cade Rictum, having been on the run for fighting in the streets worked his way through the Hedge and appeared in the Langer Road Hedge Gate. He slunk through and disappeared off over the back hedge, triggering the security sytem in the process…

He wandered around for a bit before deciding to cross the fields behind Langer road to reach the woodland. Gwyneira meanwhile heard an increasingly loud rattling sound from the Security Systems cupboard. Acquiring the heaviest frying pan she could she opened the cupboard door in time to see something disappear out the other side and race off across the garden. Rictum saw something coming and fled towards the woodland only to be knocked flying by the Security System. Turning and rising he found himslef face to face with a creature with the body of a small black goat and the head of a barn owl. A fight ensued which the goat won handily despite Rictum calling upon the Armour of Elemental Fury Fire. The fight was only ended by the appeareance of nosy neighbours (who tried put out the fire) and Gwyneira who told Rictum to stop attacking her goat. Rictum collapsed shortly afterwards and was carried back into the house by two of the neighbours accompanied by Gwyn and a self satisified Goaowl (Goat-Owl). Mr Hardy returned and after a whisky diet Rictum was revied and Lillian called. Mr Hardy tried talk to Rictum and didn’t get very far, an invite was delivered from Damien Thespian to a Soiree (this was promptly fed to the Goaowl). Rictum was “requested” to present himself to the Nottingham Freehold on the Tuesday evening and the others were told to make sur ehe made it there. Afterwards Lillian stayed and made lunch to Gwyn’s relief. She talke dto them about the upcoming winter ball and how they would need to slect carefully their evening wear for the night as well as who and how they arrived as well as to bring presents for court members of their choice. She arranged to go on a shopping trip with the group if required and offered to supply them with Christmas trees for Christmas. Finally she informed Gwyn that her fetch was back in the country with a dossier of photos that were taken at East Midlands airport the day before last, showing someone who looked very similar ot Gwyn…

In the Break
Events over the two month time skip

More and more deaths have been occurring and a full police investigation has been ;launched.
A low key gang war is going on in St. Annes but it is becoming more and more vicious.

-A number of New Changeling’s have emigrated to Nottingham or come from the Hedge.
-More and more trods are becoming usable but simultaneously more Briar Wolves are moving into the area. People have been saying other creatures have returned to the Hedge, the Ghost of Blind George ha been seen abroad again and Mother Maria has been seen with packs of Hobgoblins at her heels.
-Damien Thespian has announced that he will be joining the spring court.
-Julius Crowe has become something of the talk of the court due to the strange black scars which now cover his face.
-The Spring Court is in uproar after one of their parties on the 7th of December was trashed by the Enigma Motley. The Stories are confused and conflicting with both groups throwing back recriminations and excuses. What is known is that the enigma motley went to the Spring meet up with bottles of Cocktails containing Pit Moss (a powerful depressant) and Cheroot (a goblin fruit known fo have amazing hair growth properties.) None of the enigma motley were affected but the rest of the gathering including Karl Lovelace, Damien Thespian and two visitors from Manchester became highly depressed and grew massive amounts of hair. At some point during the evening Alexander pulled a taser on one of the guests and a short brawl followed which left Alexander and Balthazar (Damien Thespian’s Hedgebeast) in need of life saving surgery. The Enigma Motley claim it was the fault of the Marketeer who sold it them but the Spring Court remain unconvinced.

-The gate into the Hedge in your back garden has continued to function.
-Lillian has stopped attending the Spring gatherings at all and is only nominally a member now.
-The Enigma Motley sent your group a warning about Clarissa and Clara a pair of Moth Women who they believe are part of the Duchy of the Icebound Heart who will steal all the love and happiness from your life. They claim they met them at the Spring Court Gathering which they freely admit to sabotaging but only in your presence and to no one else at the court.
-Rumor is that the Enigma Motley are being targeted for their attack on the Spring Court, already Ivan has lost his job and these are supposed to only be the beginning of the reprisals.
-Ivan has apparently been investigating the murders and has some idea of what’s behind them but is now holding onto the information after the loss of his job.

Cursed to Delinquancy

The session began with the surrender of the remainder of Felicity’s little group surrendering, despite Felicity’s protestations. She continued to shout and rage at Ivan as he held her down. Kitten, coming round went to search for gaffer tape o shut her up.

Mr Hardy and Gwyneira standing outside saw a couple going in to the book shop and decided to follow them in to try and prevent trouble. Felicty was still shouting by this point and it was decided to phone the police. The slightly macho male of the couple decided to go to the rescue to impress his girl. He handed his suit jacket to Mr Hardy who swiped the wallet but left the engagement ring in the pocket. The man opened the door just as Kitten and Riktol were trying to drag Felicity to the cellar. Taking in the scene the man went into the attack. Kitten was badly beaten again whilst Riktol dealt the decisive blow laying out the man to the horror of his watching girl friend. In the mean time, Gwyn dragged the soon to be fianc√© out of the shop. Julius Crowe herded the children into Felicity’s car, hijacked it and drove off at speed. Ivan and Alexander had rushed in, Ivan grabbing Felicity and the unconscious Luke whilst Alex dropped into the cellar.

Mr Hardy and Gwyn retrieved the unconscious man from the back room and were hailed as the hero/heroine of the hour by the press and police who were just arriving. This delayed their pursuit of the others slightly who made a speedy retreat except for Alex who passed into the Hedge. Gwyn and Mr Hardy filed in a set of witness reports and headed home with much acclamation.

They arrived home to find none of the others had arrived yet. They had a brief encounter with Fetch-Haul a fetch who had killed his changeling counter part and demanded amnesty from the Free Hold a long while back. His manners disgusted Mr Hardy but he seemed harmless despite coming through the Hedge gate in their back garden.

Shortly thereafter Alex arrived back from the hedge and they were thus able to organise coordinating everyone. Lillian came over rand gave them a lift to the barn where most of the others had holed up, Julius having headed to the Enigma motley’s home. Other than Kitten provoking Lillian into beating him unconscious for the third time that day they were able to reconvene.

Alex had managed to liberate a number of dossiers that were highly interesting from Felicity’s basement. They mostly contained a mix of incorrect information on the Fae, a report of how her parents had been kidnapped. A very slim dossier on each of the players which showed she could see through the mask as well as copious notes on several local cases of Fae abductions, including the disappearance of the Stedmanns and Hardy Manor. There was a final dossier dealing with some investigation which Felicity refused to commit to paper. Oh and Kitten has begun convincing everyone that he was cursed by Felicity and tat she is some kind of witch.

It was generally agreed that Felicity was too much of a delinquent and knew too much so should be discredited whilst the other members convinced that Felicity was entirely mad. Alex and Lillian wen to sort out things with the court. Julius and Kitten went to investigate anything further they could find on Felicty and curses. Ivan and Riktol begun playing with Bartholomew the bear cub. Mr Hardy and Gwyn went to talk to the children. An interesting scene greeted them when they entered the guest room where the children were being held. Bert and Fred were sullen on the bed, Kitty was slumped in a corner with a slap mark across her face. As soon as they entered Stanley was trying to ingratiate himself with them and in slightly more private discussions offered to sell out Felicity and the rest of the group if necessary in return for freedom and a cut of any ransom his father might send to “Felicity” for their release.

Following this Mr Hardy and Gwyn spoke to the other children and managed to plant a seed of doubt and they admitted that of late Felicty had become more and more obsessed with fighting the Fae and finding their parents and how their parents were kidnapped by the Bark Skinned Man.

Showdown in the Bookshop

While Kitten was kidnapped the rest of the group met with the Enigma motley. They took a few statements before Julius Crowe and Ivan Gorgosti headed out to investigate whilst Alexander installed some “special protection measures” . Ivan and Julius returned with grim news it appeared Kitten had been kidnapped and taken by, they presumed Felicty.

They informed Lillian of what was going down before the group went and raided the bookshop. They found only a man called Luke there. After a stand off a short fight ensued in which Luke was badly injured and fell unconscious. In the midst of this Kitten managed to escape his bindings and the cellar where he had been locked and join the party. Gwyn and Mr Hardy exited onto the high street at the beginning of the fight and were in the high street. Hence they saw Felicity return with her young accomplices (Kitty, Stanley, Bert and Fred) . They went into the car park behind the book shop. Her Ladyship flew off to give the others a warning. Felicity saw that the building door had been left open and rushed in. Kitten was just about to leave the building he was choked into unconsciousness by Fred before the rest of the group laid in. Felicty was restrained and hand cuffed by Ivan Stanley badly hurt by Alex and Riktol beat Bert into the floor, resulting the rest of the group surrendering.


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